Dystopia and the Hero

The 1-eye life system is not something you use, it is what you become. Just as "Butterfly," is not a system a caterpillar uses. This training manual is to help you become what you really are. Thus we have an ideal towards which we wish move, to Become. But to get there we must change what we are now. Our dystopic culture drains us of authentic Meaning, Identity, and Purpose, so we must discover them deep within ourselves. To do that we will use a training system that will take us toward our ideal.
Your Operating System

Just as your computer operating system is working in the background as you do word processing, or use a spreadsheet, so too, your life system guides you and creates you. And you don’t even know its there. It is the story that you, your family, your time and culture have written for you, and now you use it to explain and organize your life. Even if you aren’t conscious of asking these questions, your life system will tell you who you are, where you are going and why. And it will seem to you, without you even thinking about it, that of course, there are only this one set of answers. And they form a prison for you.


Musha Shugyo

And then we have the exercises. Don’t skip over this for it is crucial. This is not sit-ups or that kind of exercise. I know that would get us nowhere. These exercises are just a repurposing of what you do in your normal day to day life, just with a different focus and awareness.



When you do journal, you join heroes and savants on a magic carpet of excellence.  At one time you would have taken pen to paper, now you type your thoughts, and then look at them on the screen. Still they are real, and your placing them there is a form of commitment. Congratulations., you have begun your Musha Shugyō What you have read in this book is just words, your using the journal has made it all real. It is almost an affirmation for success.


Lost in Dystopia

If the worldview that surrounds you is that life is meaningless, that you and your actions have no value, then how is the exceptional individual to set his internal gyroscope?
If you had a talking fish and asked how the water was in his aquarium, the answer would be, “What is water?” Worldview is the water in your aquarium and it is formed by all the inputs in your life; TV, the movies, the articles you read, and the lecturers you listen to. Not so log ago TV movies and sitcoms usually dramatized a moral value. This has given way to protagonists who lack character and a strong moral compass.

Nihilistic post modernity has created a worldview lacking in heroes and purpose. Nassim Taleb says it well, “Modernity: we created youth without heroism, age without wisdom, and life without grandeur” Is this what you want to be apart of, or to escape from?


Way of the Warrior Scholar

The reason so many commit suicide, and think about it, is because they live in a dystopian culture. Not that many think their culture is dystopic, no that is in the future, or in movies or novels.  But the reason there are so many movies and novels of this type, is because it is true, but not a “fact,” as that word is commonly used. So it is intuited, and enters the media as:  the Hunger Games, the Orwellian World of 1984, which is political correctness taken to the extreme. In Star Wars those who would be free must face the Empire, and best of all is The Matrix, wherein all are just human batteries, whose brains are pacified with an AI illusion of life. In other versions those who suffer dystopia are converted into the Living Dead, the Walking Dead, Zombies, and so forth. When we read these novels, or see these movies, we oppose the negative forces. But after we leave the theatre, so many become part of them. 



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