Pimobendan for Congestive Heart Failure

I think it is possible that we might save the lives of 100,000 who are going to die sooner than they have to from Congestive Heart Failure {CHF].

From the net I get, roughly, that about 6 million adults have congestive heart failure and half of them won’t make five years after being diagnosed, half that after being hospitalized.

An easy 360,000 deaths a year; a thousand a day or so.

I think we can get back 100,000 a year by getting the FDA to approve a drug, Pimobendan, they already approved for your dog with CHF, and which is used in Japan for humans.


The problem, in my jaundiced view, is that it is so cheap. But all the “trials” anyone could want have been going on for years with American pets and Japanese humans. Far more than was done for some vaccines. 

I want you to know this heart failure is not fun. It is not heart attack where pop, and you are gone. You can’t breathe!!!  Not fun. Stairs were murder for me. Even getting off a plane and going up the ramp had me huffing and pumping. Now I train hard five hours a week. 

I have to get mine from vets outside the country. I heard of another fellow whose friend is a vet, and so he has a prescription and gets his off the net. 

*FULL DISCLOSURE!! One person’s experience can’t be extrapolated to a large population. There may have been other factors. 

So I am going to turn you loose to do your own research. Below are excerpts from research on this drug Pimobendan. 

What I want you to do: 

  • Give this research to your cardiologist. It won’t do any good, but who knows!? 
  • Pass this on to anyone with CHF. 
  • Send a copy to your congressman requesting his attention. You might be saving his life, so careful with this one.



Look for yourself at the research below and you get the feeling that they are little to none. Each of us is more different than the other than snow flakes differ. SO EACH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR NOTING HIS OWN SIDE EFFECTS. You might say, as I do, that not breathing is a nasty side effect of not taking the pills. There is also the possible interaction with whatever else you might be taking. It is my impression that any of the side effects would be far less than many current vaccines.