I am going to ask you to join me in what I call, PROJECT 1.1.23.  January 1st, 2023,  is next new years day,  and will be a day when many make New Years resolutions. Instead you will be well on your way to having completed one. You will be different… if .


Project 1.1.23


I love these iceberg pictures. Regard this one and consider that The portion of the iceberg that is above water represents everything you think you know, remember, or expect. This includes your self-image, identity, and worldview. It is “you”now, in your daily life. But it isn’t really you, it is your SELF, a cultural linguistic creation. Your YOU is the portion that is below the waterline. 

How do you feel about that? Another way of considering this is to imagine that you are financially desperate, but that an unknown uncle has left you a fortune you don’t know about. All you have to do is access it. 

And this we will do by creating a system that will transform you by repurposing components and activities that are already within you.  For now these parts of our life-system to be, just occur, like Pavlovian responses. But we will organize them into a system. 

So what is a “System?” Well you are a system right? Food goes in one end, shit comes out the other. Your system does that. Or, to be more formal…


A system is a collection of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose. – Wikipedia


One more time, look at our iceberg picture, look at how much is beneath the surface, and then it will make more sense to believe that parts of our system will be: your imaginings, your daydreams,  your feeling, and emotions. 

Now, often you don’t remember how you got where you are. Most of the time you are propelled by habit, and the hours and the days blur together, and suddenly it’s New Year’s Day. 

But we will use these habits as part of our system. The way you get up at night to urinate, how you are moved to rage while you drive, and how you wait in line. We can put all this together into a Life System, and then make it real by using your day-to-day life as our training ground. This day-to-day life is the sum of your habits. You know this – change the habits, change the life. 

So our system will bring all of this together. It is built on tiny-habits formed by micro-exercises. Thus we wire together the two parts of the iceberg, change the Self by joining it with the You. 

Did I say this right? Can you feel the challenge?

Because the point of the Project is to become closer to your Best Version by the end of this year. I am going to claim that many of you can’t imagine what your best version might be, just as a caterpillar can’t imagine a butterfly. 

But go ahead, what do you think your best version is like, what abilities would you have?  If you come up blank that is fine, by 1.1.23 you will have a much better idea. 

We will be using movies in our system, and one we will constantly reference is The Matrix. If you have seen it you know what I mean when I say most are content to be Matrix people. 

They don’t feel, “..the splinter in their mind.” If you do, please join, there is no charge.