Ronin Exercise

Use The Last Samurai for emotional fuel. I used it before to explain all seven positions, but it still has power.

Watch the trailer below:


Now while you are a little jacked up, ask yourself what is the self-image you feed, and that controls you?

Using life as a training ground to develop the value of a Martial Artist means you are to some extent a new person in need of a new self-image that will be a source of power. You are no longer a Pin-Ball person, but a self-directed autonomous person.

As you recite the mnemonic and come to “Ronin,” you change your posture and visualize your avatar. 

It would seem that this shouldn’t be such a difficult task, but it is very hard. The reason is that your posture represents your assumed role in life and your old loser self-image. To change these is enormous, and difficult, but is what we seek to accomplish.

When you get yourself into the proper posture, balance, and physical attitude it will feel wonderful. Like you are there, as if you had succeeded. Later on in the day, if you will check, you will see that you have slipped back into your old role-posture.

But if you can keep this posture you will notice that people are reacting to you differently. When you have the posture and bearing of a champion, others will unconsciously assume you are one, and you will be.

Let’s begin…


Take a breath and relax. You can do this every time you shower.

Become aware of your feet, and move your weight over the middle of your foot.

Check to see that your hips are over your heels, or just forward of them.

Now have your head over your hips.

You will have aligned yourself.  Feel as if you were suspended from a string to the middle of your head. 

Be as relaxed as possible. Just hang there

This is a serious yet difficult project. To assist yourself look at how others are standing. Look at how most movie heroes are standing. Watch elite athletes as they stand, as they perform. 

Change your posture and you change your self-image. Change your self-image and you change. 


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