!!!1 Man in the Arena

The foundation of the 1eye Life System is that you use your everyday life, just as it is, as your training ground. This all begins with your commitment to do so. To take the Red Pill. This may sound simple to you, but when the choice is placed before them, few will really take it. 

It is the first step in an adventure.

o this each morning. Say, write, or think, “Thus, I enter the arena.” It would be good to leave yourself a sticky note on your steering wheel, or wherever you must look to start the day. 

As you say the words  visualize Russel Crowe as the Gladiator entering the arena. Feel the warm sand beneath your sandals, feel the weight of the gladius in your hand, if only for a few moments. But commit completely to using the day for training. 

Realistically speaking, habit will take over and you will forget your commitment, at first. But as we progress and you do other exercises the meaning will become more apparent. 

Your training has begun.