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There are certain elements to our system, which are its foundation, and we must have them all, or it is bullshit.  We won’t talk of them often because they are like the theme of a novel, and we must live the plot, and this requires specific attitudes. I say that the best version of yourself requires Nine Attitudes, that are driven by the basic deep forces.  We will cover the Attitudes later, but first you should understand their foundation.

When your will and intent are aroused they give rise to  Affirmation, which inspires Visualization that cause Emotions that fuel Habituation and with a mentor, Training. Without these little or nothing happens. When we weave them into a system, anything can happen.



When you begin any venture, do you not have a positive thought. "I am going to_____ and then." "I will become__________"


Affirmation gives voice and direction to a deep urge. If you do no more than come up with a singe definite affirmation and repeat it each day, you will experience change not imagined. Don't judge your affirmations, write them down, often, and let them guide you.


You see it happening in your mind's eye. You have read many times how mental practice alone can improve athletic performance. It will improve any performance, and it inspires
Visualization is so powerful a tool that it is almost like cheating. I don't know of any great athletes, or performers of any kind, who don't visualize confronting their challenge. If you think about it, you will see that you visualized many of the changes in your life. We will now just organize that visualization.


At the extremes are aiding a family or team member, the deep drives that enable a person to do the impossible. But in all the novels and movies we peruse, there is the motivation that drives the protagonist. So much so that they will practice again and again.
For thousands of years learned men have fantasized about reason free of emotion. This is stupid and ignorant. Reason and rational are the slaves of emotion. They are the human gimmick for survival, just as swimming is for a fish. We will generate and control emotion and thus gain a powerful force for transformation.

Training & Habit

We are driven to practice so much, that it becomes habit. And then when the shit hits the fan we perform flawlessly, and don't know what we did, but we are clean and they are not. This type of constant practice is vastly aided by instructions from the master. They will guide our practice. Someone who has gone before, reached a high level, will pass on what they have learned making your progress and attainment so much more certain. Someday this might be you.

Think deeply on this.

The System has to become a deep part of you like the language that you think with, because transformation to your "best version," is a journey and not a destination. So our system must be quick and light, easy to use, and it must become stronger with use, like a Sword. But that must be in Accord with the Pen which is knowledge. And we will do all this with just nine attitudes, twenty-five words,
Let's begin...