I told you before that progress becomes more difficult as we go from stage to stage. This one takes a leap of “Faith” literally.

But we are helped by movies that provide examples and inspiration such as: Star Wars, The Matrix, The Last Samurai.

In the above movies the hero was called upon to access something within himself that he had no idea was there. And each of these movies was a success because they struck a deep cord within the viewing audience.

For a few moments they almost had a link to the Void and they could almost access the bottom of their iceberg.

Let’s use an exercise to attempt to grasp the totality of our own being. Keep in mind that since it is our own being, it is always there, always a part of us. We are held back by a barrier of words.



While reciting the mnemonic we will come to the position 1-eye.

Now close one eye,  and regard the emptiness. For a moment comprehend that part of your universe has gone blank. Try and grasp what remains.

Now open that eye and close the other. The natural tendency is to focus on what the open-eye sees. Don’t.

Focus on the Void of the closed eye. and wordlessly ask.

Recall the iceberg, with so much beneath the water; you are much like that iceberg. Concieve that the “Iceberg” can only grasp what is beneath the surface if it closes its eye. I know this is pushing it, but bear with me.

Now imagine that you want to access that wordless portion of yourself. We do that with our dreams. Now I want you to consciously feel the link, and you can do this with practice.

As you focus on the closed eye you summon assistance and guidance from the Void. Again I remind you that it is always there. It may have saved your life, or assisted you in a critical moment, but then you have forgotten it.

So wordlessly ask, might be difficult at first. But perhaps you have already done so at deperate times in your life. I am telling you that you can do this on a much more conscious basis.

In each of the movies mentioned above the hero had to work to access his supper power. 

Now its your turn.