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1eye, How do you use spirituality, intuition, and creativity? It is now that we build your “super power.” 

With a moments thought you can realize that there is no linguistic process that leads to genius or incredible performance. Otherwise computers would generate all the inventions we might imagine, and there would be simple handbooks for brilliant basketball playing. To do this you must access the Void, and this is how you practice. 1eye 

While reciting the mnemonic close one eye, open it, and close the other. The natural tendency is to focus on what the open-eye sees. Don’t. Focus on the Void of the closed eye. 

The concept of the Void is not current in our culture. But we talk around it with words like; genius, faith, creativity, intuition, and flow. 

Despite the “Rational” blindness of our culture, this is utterly vital. Not Rationality, nor any other linguistic exercises produce true creativity. If you must defeat AI, Artificial Intelligence, then you will do so with your access to the Void. 

As you focus on the closed eye you summon assistance and guidance from the Void. This must be beyond all ego.  You are not searching your memory for a solution, nor telling your body what to do. You must step aside and be amazed at what you can do with gifts from the Void. 

This is the genius level. The level of the master. 

Perhaps this is part of the reason idiot-savants can do the incredible. Perhaps they have a better link to 1eye. You must polish yours. 

1eye is your link to the Void.