4th Question



It might be a little bit much to talk of “mysterious” or accessing the “Void,” so let’s talk about it differently. 

Imagine you had a brain injury that eliminated your ability to comprehend or generate words. Life would still go on wouldn’t it. In some instances it would be enhanced in that you would not comprehend criticisms, advertisements, or politicians. You would be able to do most of your daily routines, and never have an argument. So the big question. 

Where does all this come from?  Where is it now? Part of the upper iceberg is gone, and we are drawing more on what is below the surface. And at night you sleep, but the world goes on, and you dream. From where do these dreams come? I would say they are gifts from the lower immense iceberg. And sense we want to access this part of ourselves at will, I want to ask a strange question. 

Can we send them back? All that is within us conspires to form our dreams. When we send a dream back, it messages and  programs all that is within us.

Our dreams reflect the interface between our inner and outer lives, how powerful to send them back. This  way the top and bottom of the iceberg can know each other.  And that connection we will call 1eye.

And this of course brings us to the the topic of suicide. Obviously! 

There is a terrible confusion most people have between “You,” and “Yourself”. This is a very serious life wasting and destroying problem. It causes people to live distorted lives, and often to kill themselves.

Because when a depressed person says he is going to kill, “Himself,” That is exactly backwards. It is the “Yourself,” that is killing “You.” Suicide is the social-linguistic creation destroying their totality.




The totality of your being is an amazing thing. It is the genetic code that is yours alone. It is your liver, your eyes, your next bowel movement as it works its way through your inner plumbing. It is so much more than you have words for.  And none of it wants to die.

And  so I wonder what your definition of life is.

But you say the words, “I am going to kill myself.” And suddenly you feel relieved of stress and concern. All your problems are solved! But nothing has changed except in the movie you are running in your head. That portion of the iceberg that you see may destroy the totality of its existence without ever comprehending it, or living with it.





Not this, but

Read David Eagleman’s Incognito   The Secret Lives of the Brain, wherein he has much exciting neuroscience .

He says:

 “The first thing we learn from studying our own circuitry is a simple lesson: most of what we do and think and feel is not under our conscious control. The vast jungles of neurons operate their own programs. The conscious you—the I that flickers to life when you wake up in the morning—is the smallest bit of what’s transpiring in your brain. Although we are dependent on the functioning of the brain for our inner lives, it runs its own show. Most of its operations are above the security clearance of the conscious mind. The I simply has no right of entry.

Your consciousness is like a tiny stowaway on a transatlantic steamship, taking credit for the journey without acknowledging the massive engineering underfoot.” 


His science is wonderful, his philosophy is garbage. We acknowledge it when we invoke 1eye in our mnemonic. And contrary to many of Eagleman’s thoughts, we are going to use it. We will captain the steamship.

The Mind of the Martial Artist accesses the Void via your will, intent, and the images you play across the screen in your mind. I am going quick and simple for now, but consider that you get dreams from the Void at night, with The Mind of the Martial Artist we send them back.

The Void, the unseen portion of the iceberg, is the source of all creativity, genius, intuition, and brilliant performance. And we will access it, and use it. In this manner we will captain the ship.





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