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1eye Life System

An Introduction to Excellence in 10 Lessons





Learning and training systems are common, almost a part of us. The military has training systems as do various sports, and business activities. And this has been true for thousands of years.  The Spartans who stood at Thermopylae are famous for their training system. 

Training Systems often appear in movies. In The Matrix, Neo has a training module, in Star Wars, Luke learns the Way of the Force, In Spartacus the training is a constant theme. In all sports movies the training is constant and difficult, and those who train well, do well. So why not a life system? For everyday, every hour, all your life with a higher meaning, purpose, and efficiency? 

A life system, or lack thereof, becomes the story you use to define yourself and explain your life. Think of the license plates and stickers people have on their cars. The 1eye Life-System will rewrite your story, shape who you are, guide where you are going and how you will get there. 

Practiced daily it becomes a part of you, always there, like a superpower.  It is a skill that will automatically come to your aid when you are challenged, and it grows stronger with use. 

For example, when you learn a martial art or a sport, you grow the necessary muscles, forge new pathways in your brain, and become a different person with a new outlook. So it is with the 1eye life system. 

Once you begin using the system, it will achieve critical mass and create itself. It will hijack the parts of you necessary and reform them and use them for you. It is a superpower meme or virus. 

You will see yourself differently and become different.  You will look and act poised, balanced, and confident. Your level of anxiety will continually decrease as you practice the system, and you will lose many of your fears. You will be heroic as you practice, and you will not know defeat. 

It is customary  to describe how rich and successful “The-Whatever-program” will make you. And often, a YouTube video is shot in a mansion with beautiful women in the background drinking around a sparkling pool and laughing while they wait for you. 

But our primary value is that it’s what you are, not what you have, that matters. Change isn’t easy. But our system makes it doable. 

At this point consider that there is a reason all the other books you have read had little effect on you. And there have been some, eh? They may have been very well written, and when you read them you were charged up, and thought, now you had found the answer! But here you are later, pretty much the same. The reason is that what you read were words. You also need Images & Emotions & Exercises. 

Think how much you have been influenced by stories. When you are absorbed in a narrative you have a different mental state. The character’s difficulties become yours, you enter their world and feel what is appropriate to their circumstance. And all this is so much more powerful when you see the images, hear the music, and are absorbed into a movie. 

Images and Emotions strike to your very core when you are seeing a movie. You have special neurons in your brain called mirror neurons, that incline you to mimic what you see, hence the power of visualization. And when the character you identify with wins, when they succeed, you will tend to absorb the winning behavior at a deep level. 

Would it not be fantastic if we could make a movie of you, facing difficult circumstances, then training in special methods, and changing as you won out over your difficulties? And that is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to make a movie with nine scenes, and you are its star.




Now do you want to see into the system and how it works?