The Arena Exercise



We now begin our system. I said the mnemonic was just twenty one words, here are the first seven. They answer the first question, “What are you?”

Affirm it…I am the man in the arena.…

See it….Russel Crowe has been called from the gladiator pen to enter the arena, and he walks forward like a man whose take-out number has just been called.

Feel it.. The warm sand beneath your sandled feet and the weight of the gladius in your hand. 

And even now, this second, if you have done that for real, you are no longer the lowest common demoninator. Those have taken their tiered stone seats and are waiting. But you are….the man in the arena

And that is huge .

To the left is the Gladiator’s view after he is summoned to the arena.

Imagine that your view each morning.

And on the other side of that gate is a difficulty of your life.

The exercise sounds simple, but is really difficult for other reasons. It is a change in your habit, it is a change in your awareness, and it is a massive change in your purpose. Before, your actions and habits were to satisfy “others,” now it is your purpose, and for many, that will be a little scary.

 Watch the trailer below to feel the emotion. Try to feel it when you say, I am the man in the arena.”


About now you might think I can’t realistically do that. But you can.  

Small wins. In the exercise visualize a small beast in your arena. Say a difficult conversation, an email or call you are reluctant to make. 

Say it, “I am the man in the arena.”

Feel it.

Believe it.  

And then do it. 









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