The Inner Movie




Even now as you read these words there is an inner movie running through your mind; guiding and controlling you. It changes with age, situation, your thought language, genetics, and many other factors, but for the most part it is always there. If you change that movie, you change your life. 

Many, if not most, let their movies be scripted by others. This is called “education,” and they are then regulated to various cults. Some are so wide spread they are called normal, others lead to odd religions, suicide, or some form of wasted life. 

Obviously we must control the movie that has been ingrained in us since childhood. It is difficult to do this just by reading. Because you learn what you do, not what you read. 

 So we need to control what we do with specific activities. Shall we call them exercises? 

The word “Exercise,” isn’t right. So work with me on this. We are working at simultaneously Affirming, Visualizing, and Letting Go with Purpose. All that, often in a fraction of a second. Is it an “Exercise,” “Technique, “or “Mind State,” ?

What word describes it? In any case it is vital. 

This is the secret of excellence. Those who do the incredible may not know how they achieved their state, but these vital elements were involved. They used them to write themselves a new movie. Since you are beginning with the knowledge of what you are doing, it will be much easier, more powerful, faster. 

And it is pleasurable!. It feel good when you do something well, better, excellent. It’s in you, train and it will appear spontaneously and you won’t know, why, how. But you will learn to summon the impossible and expect it. 

You are going to purposely do things that people rarely do. And to do this you will deliberately change your mental gears. This is true for any life-role-change. Just to be an athlete involves diet and exercises the common slob avoids. 

You will work with your visualizations, emotions, and relaxed focus. Slowly, easily, just by making minor adjustments in your most common daily activities, such as getting up to piss at night, how you shower, walk. And over time you will move toward your ideal self. Your engagement with a specific exercise might last only a few seconds. 

But in thirty days you will feel a difference, and if you last that long, you will forever change so that in a year you will be noticeably improved, and the habit of becoming your best version will be a part of you. 

We will start with seven techniques, one for each position of our system. And each of these will be a visualization or involve one.