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1 eye life system

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Poor Caterpillar…is lost and confused. He doesn’t realize that he is not a worm, nor does he comprehend transformation.


The worms are contemplating how much dirt they will turn into shit. Where they will work, and how satisfying this will be. Poor caterpillar senses he doesn’t fit.


And if he had any doubts the worms let him know with their laughter when he attempts to eat dirt.


In the same manner you have no idea of what is possible, anymore than Ronin caterpillar can comprehend being a butterfly. Do you sense it within? A few do, and this is for them. But don’t write  yourself off yet. For once the caterpillar was mocked by the worms and did poorly at turning dirt into shit. But by rising up he was transformed and learned to fly, while the worms still turned dirt into shit and never looked up.


In  the 1eye Life System, the path toward excellence is its own reward, just as the caterpillar’s journey toward being a butterfly is its reward. Let me try and make that more clear. You will find enjoyment at a very deep level as you self-actualize. This is the finding of “Meaning,” and “Purpose,” in being and doing, not in words.


The 1-eye life system is not something you use, it is what you become. Just as “Butterfly,” is not a system a caterpillar uses. This training manual is to help you become what you really are. Thus we have an ideal towards which we wish to move, to Become. But to get there we must change what we are now. Our dystopic culture drains us of authentic Meaning, Identity, and Purpose, so we must discover them deep within ourselves. To do that we will use a training system that will take us toward our ideal.

To begin, ask yourself who wrote your life script, and can you write a better one? Is your life an adventure or a job? You could write the general plan for your life right now. But how much of that is you writing. If the caterpillar thought he was a worm, and looked about him for clues to his “Life’s Plan,” how fucked up would that be?

Your life should be an adventure and you should be free within it.

In 1658 in feudal Japan a thirteen-year-old boy killed a man in a duel, then set out to walk the length of Japan to polish his skills as a swordsman and see what he might become. Such a pilgrimage for excellence and development is called Musha Shugyō and is a deep part of some of us. Musha Shugyō is also called the Hero’s Journey.  Your life is certainly a journey, how you do it is up to you. As you discover your own meaning, identity and purpose, it becomes an adventure. This has been acknowledged from 50,000-year-old cave walls to now. The Hero’s Journey is part of human mythology. It appears frequently in movies and novels. It is the common template of tales that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. Such as that boy who was Miyamoto Musashi and became Japan’s most famous martial artist.

Can you feel it deep inside, the call of that most important adventure? Do you feel it when you hear, “Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a nineteen-year-old farm boy, named Luke Skywalker, was called upon to discover his inner being, and defeat the Empire.  And in a parallel universe Neo, a hacker, must realize his true nature, burst the limits of perception, and defeat The Matrix. If so, maybe it’s your turn. I would like you to consider that you might be very much more than your present script would allow, and that you should consider writing a new one.

This book will do that for you and make it a part of you in such a manner as you have not imagined before.

The alternative is to remain a slave to convention and circumstance. Your society hands out an identity to confine you, hijacks your purpose, and confuses meaning, all so you fit into its dystopia. If you are the one-in-a-thousand who would be more, this book is for you. Depending on who, and what you are, this might be the most important book in your life. Again imagine that caterpillar, destined to be a butterfly, has fallen in with worms, and feels he doesn’t belong. For him this book would be invaluable, for the worms, not so much. This is like a Jedi, not knowing his potential, being lost among the mob. You know who you are. 

Recall Dorothy before the hurricane struck, Neo before his computer began to send him messages, and Luke Skywalker while he was working as a farm hand for his uncle. This is you now. Dorothy, much like the caterpillar, is about to develop and become an adult. Luke is already chaffing at the limitations of being a farm boy. Neo, most of all, feels the limitations of The Matrix, ” Like a splinter in your mind.” They are on the verge, but held back by the society and its expectations. They must adventure, or self-destruct.

But first they need training and preparation. Recall that Luke trained with Obi-wan, and Neo with Morpheus, now it’s your turn. Many fantasize, when watching a movie such as Star Wars, that were they suddenly, by some strange circumstance, plunged into a situation as adverse as that in the movie, that they would somehow rise to the occasion. This will never happen. You will fall to the level of your training. To realize the hero within, you must train. And so, this is a training manual for your Hero’s journey.