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Your Operating System



Just as your computer operating system is working in the background as you do word processing, or use a spreadsheet, so too, your life system guides you and creates you. And you don’t even know its there.

It is the story that you, your family, your time and culture have written for you, and now you use it to explain and organize your life. Even if you aren’t conscious of asking these questions, your life system will tell you who you are, where you are going and why. And it will seem to you, without you even thinking about it, that of course, there are only this one set of answers.

And they form a prison for you. They limit what you can do and experience. When they fail, as they so often do, the failure leads many to a life of meaninglessness that ends in suicide either actual, or spiritual. If you would be free and loving the adventure of life, than create your own system.

And this we will do.

First realize that the main purpose in your life is to become what you are, just as a caterpillar self-actualizes into a butterfly, and then comprehend that your Meaning, Purpose, and Identity have been hijacked. Of course they have! How else can culture and civilization thrive, except by reducing individuality. That’s done in grammar school. To reclaim all that has been taken from you is an adventure.

And we will start now with explaining the book.

While they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” I invite it. Look at it again. The samurai with the brush, is the ronin Miyamoto Musashi, the greatest of swordsmen. We regard him as our model for a hero for two reasons. First, he never became an Organization Man, second, his entire life was a Musha Shugyō, which is a Hero’s pilgrimage of self-development. The background is taken from the movie The Matrix, and represents the dystopia that deludes and enslaves you, and causes so many to “kill” themselves.

The title, The 1eye Life System is an answer to dystopia. It  organizes your life around nine concepts, and provides the exercises to make them real, so that you are free of your Matrix. They change you, guide you, and are the ultimate affirmation. You will never lose, nor be in doubt, and you always be comfortable in your own skin. It is a technique you will use when in despair. It will cause you to be the hero of the adventure that is your own life.

The last element on the cover is Ronin1eye, which is me and my website. Here I will present future developments in the 1eye System.