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Musha Shugyo is a ronin's quest or pilgrimage. Use it to name a coherent system of excellence, to train it in yourself, and explain it in others. Use it to organize knowledge and experience, for it is a map, and a journey. Musha Shugyo will assist you in becoming the hero of the adventurer that is your own life.

The RISE2 System

There is a pandemic of nihilism, infecting our times, that is opposed by the pursuit of excellence. It is a conflict between the undeniable values that spring from within, versus a word game virus.

And I want you to ask yourself if you have you been infected?.

The symptoms are not knowing who you are or why you are here. You look about yourself for cues on how to behave, what to think, and find others looking back at you with the same question in their eyes. 

This is from the NY Times:

There is some kind of hard to define spiritual crisis across the land, which shows up in rising depression rates, rising mental health problems. A survey the Pew Research Center released last year captures the mood. Pew asked people to describe the things that bring meaning to their lives. A shocking number of respondents described lives of quiet despair.

“I no longer find much of anything meaning, fulfilling or satisfying. Whatever used to keep me going has gone.”


From an old Wall Street Journal;

Science, technology, the free market and the liberal democratic state have enabled us to reach unprecedented achievements in knowledge, freedom, life expectancy and affluence.

But they do not answer the three questions that every reflective individual will ask at some time in his or her life: Who am I? Why am I here? How then shall I live? The result is that the 21st century has left us with a maximum of choice and a minimum of meaning.


This nihilism is the real pandemic, and is like a dark tsunami sweeping over civilization. There are now so many movies set against a cyberpunk dystopian background. Go ahead do a search and you might see many of your favorites. But why so may?

Because a deep part of the viewing audience recognizes what is going on about them. Not surprisingly, often times the protagonist prevails against these nihilistic forces by displaying the Excellencementioned in the first sentence.

If you been infected or feel any of the symptoms what-to-do? My suggestion is a collection of micro exercises, visualizations, and affirmations integrated to form the Ronin1eye System. It will make you autonomous. You will craft your own identity that will be rock solid and shaft deep. You will know who you are, where you are going, and how to get there -always. You will be proof against the braying of the mob, and will have the guts and strength to stand alone when that is needed. All this is in contrast to the large number of rich healthy celebrities, who are handsome, drop-dead gorgeous, and yet hang themselves.

Excellence is not a goal, but a process. It is like a sport or even more like a martial art wherein the amount of practice is crucial to success. The 1eye Life System is like nothing you have ever seen before. It will become a part of your life and will establish the process of becoming a better version of yourself as an everyday thing.

When habituated, it will lead you to do your best, and become better. It is not just words. It is a series of exercises, things that you do repeatedly with your mind and body to become your best version. And your best version is always a process, never what you are, unless it's your last day and you are holding the bridge.

The system has seven steps, which you will recall daily using a mnemonic of twenty one words. Each step has a movie or visual to give you emotional power, and a micro-exercise, The entire run takes about thirty seconds. 

And that thirty seconds will change the way you live your life.  You will see yourself differently, and become different.  You will look and act poised, balanced, and confident. Your level of anxiety will continually decrease as you practice the system, and you will lose much of your fears. You will be heroic as you practice, and you will not know defeat.



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Zen & the Art of Road Rage