Just because a map is pretty doesn’t mean it bares any relationship to the territory. The words for the illustration are, “This is not a pipe.” Word maps can be as misleading as Disney Land treasure maps.pipe magritte

The map is not the territory, the word is not the object. At present time 2015 the word, “nigger”, is the noise you can make with your mouth that will cause the most violent emotional reaction in a general audience. Almost as good, depending on your audience are, “Democrat, Liberal,” or “Republican, Conservative,”.  This is a form of insanity.

More generally speaking, a person can create a word map with correct syntax that might generate absurd conclusions. Just because it sounds logical, doesn’t mean it is. So, the map is not the territory, and I don’t want to buy your bridge.

Please note the use of ‘time’ in the use of the date 2015, and the use of quotes in “nigger”.