There is only now.

Your purpose is to live just this one day perfect.

Goal is to suck all the beauty and life you can out of this one day.

Whatever you can do,do. Iagine you did no more than lay a single brick, of your life this day. How many bricks would that be in a lifetime? Do a single deed toward becoming your ideal person, what will you become?

It’s not any one victory, it’s the ability to be able to devote the totality of yourself toward some goal.

This will grant you imortality. For death is not an event in life. You are not going to spend anytime comprehending you are dead and on the way to the crematorium, or that your loved ones are missing you, or squabbaling over what you left. No! Your real death is having this beautiful moment taken from you by habit and routine. You spend a subjective infinity unaware, and lost in a maisma of self-talk wherein you try to convince yourself you aren’t as bad as you somehow imagine you are.

Hundred of thousands of you will die “accidental” deaths this year, and even more will suffer permanent injuries, simply because you weren’t here right now. None of these could happen to your cat. Because your cat is always aware. When it hunts it devotes total concentration to that task, when it collapses downwards in the sun and licks its asshole, it is completely relaxed. These are the true goals for life, not a watch or car that advertising has convinced you is all you need to be a “success”.

This is the true prize of being a martial artist. It’s not the award of a belt, or dexterity and ability in combat. A martial artist controls his emotions and awareness. Thus while he first begins his pilgrimage to learn how to fight, he later fights to continue his arc of becoming and attaining self-actualization.

If you are practicing a martial art that is fine. If you aren’t, I will make for you a martial art out of driving and everyday activities. You drive about 30,000 hours a life time. Now imagine that a small percentage of that time were spent on the most important thing in your life, being alive now. What might you experience? What might you become?

It is the purpose of Musha Shugyō to make you realize you are on a pilgrimage and to assist you on it, so that you will become the hero of the adventurer that is your own life.