Often I will offer up a mental tool,  like a building block for the intellectual armamentarium I mentioned earlier. And then I will use them again in later posts, which is okay, as that will help you get in the habit of using them. Here is an example.

Let’s imagine that you have an aquarium, and it turns out that your fish can talk. After the obvious shock and questions, you ask, “How is the water in your aquarium?”

The fish asks, “What’s water?”

Think on that for a while, and then let’s use it. What would be the water in your aquarium? Something in the background, like a computer operating system perhaps? It is always having an effect when you word process or use the internet, but you don’t think about it. Just to make it easy let’s call it your life-system, you don’t know it’s there, but it controls your life.

It is the story that you, your family, and your culture have written for you, and that you now use to explain and organize your life. It tells you who you are, where you are going, and why. And just as the fish can’t comprehend water, so too will you think there is only this one set of answers.

Your life-system, or worldview, form a prison for you, and when it fails, as it so often does, many are led to suicide either actual or spiritual, as they lose Meaning, Purpose, and Identity. I capitalize Meaning, Purpose, and Identity because I don’t want to trivialize them. They are major components of what we are after.

So I am offering what I call the 1eye Life System. Stick with me and this will make more sense as we go along. The system is not complex, it is based on just nine concepts which we will explore in detail. To make them more than words I have exercises, yes, Life System Exercises, that will make them apart of you with the use of a twenty-five word mnemonic.

This will change you, guide you, and be the ultimate affirmation. You will never lose, nor be in doubt, and you will always be comfortable in your own skin. It is a technique you will use when in despair, and it will gradually make you the hero of the adventure that is your own life.




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