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Facing a New Beast

It can be very difficult to objectify a fear or trouble. It looms dark before and about you, and is like a stone in your gut. But if you are reacting physically, not sleeping, not being aware and even with your environment, then you will not be effective. The beast in your arena might win. 

At some time in the future you may look back upon this conflict and feel little or nothing about it. Other things will now occupy you. There are other beasts in your arena. 

You can use this. 

In the future, when a new beast drops into your arena, remember one you have dealt with in the past. There are really no trials that we, at some time, don’t get over. A divorce or a disease that wracked you, kept you up at night, destroyed your appetite, is now something you speak of lightly or joke about. 

Try to summon that dark time again. When you didn’t know how you were going to get out of your dilemma, and you were constantly under the lash of fear and doubt. Oh how you wanted someone to talk to about your nightmare. The future was gray fading into black. Try to remember all of that. 

And then see how you no longer are haunted by that beast. You can recall the event, deal with the repercussions of it, and laugh and have another beer. This recall of how past beasts are now only memories, coupled with our mnemonic, can be a great help. 

Now comes another beast, and this time you journal. Write down all you feelings, elaborate on the nightmare future that lays before you, and detail how you don’t have the resources to deal with this situation. 

And know that you will get over this, and what you are writing now will help you next time. This treating of a current problem by remembering how one was dealt with in the past, greatly helps to objectify the feeling, and get it out of your skin, and before you as a problem to be solved.