Amazing Micro-Exercises

Done consistently these will lead to transformation
Even now as you read these words there is an inner movie running through your mind; guiding and controlling you. It changes with age, situation, your thought language, genetics, and many other factors, but for the most part it is always there. If you change that movie, you change your life. Many, if not most, let their movies be scripted by others. This is called "education," and then they are regulated to various cults. Some are so wide spread they are called normal, others lead to odd religions, suicide, or some form of wasted life. Obviously we must control that movie that has been ingrained in us since childhood. We are going to do this with what I am calling "Exercises."

I am the Man in the arena

 In six words we have a powerful affirmation, emotional invocation, and heroic self-image. If you did nothing else but fully comprehend their power, you would do yourself proud. 

the martial artist

Means; Value, achieved with  Purpose, and Discipline.  We seek the difficult situations to train ourselves. We achieve strength through adversity. We don’t worry about the outcome, but about the process.  


You are a free agent in your mind, no matter what others might think. You might have employment, but your career is to be a spy for yourself. . He derives great power from a unique value system that makes him free of any culture.


Is your super-power. Here we train to access genius and perform at a much higher level. This is the opening to intuition, faith, and the Void.

The laughing pirate

Can act with no hesitation, or doubt, he just does it. Right now could you go up onto a stage and give a short talk?  How comfortable are you in your own skin.

seeking beauty

A person’s experience of beauty must be a function of their meaning and purpose. If you perceive the beauty about you, then you are becoming beautiful inside, where Meaning and Purpose reside.


In a strange Land

You develop a telepathic-link with  a fish, and you ask him, “How is the water in your aquarium?” To which he answers, “What is water?”

Laugh at Your Past

It’s not any one victory, it’s the ability to devote  yourself toward a goal. You are blocked by walls of wet toilet paper.


Cyberpunk is not one of many possibilities for the future. It is here and now. 1984 is already here.

It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. - Theodore Roosevelt