Man in the Arena

MOVIE: Gladiator


 Above is what the Gladiator sees when summoned into the arena.



The foundation of the 1eye Life System is that you use your everyday life, just as it is, as your training ground. This all begins with your commitment to do so.


MICRO EXERCISE: Do this each morning. Say, write, or think, “Thus, I enter the arena.”   See it, feel it.

As you say the words  visualize Russel Crowe as the Gladiator entering the arena. Feel the warm sand beneath your sandals, feel the weight of the gladius in your hand, if only for a few moments. But commit completely to using the day for training.


Find some minor challenge during the day.

Write it down in your cell phone. 

It could be a phone call, saying something difficult to a significant person, not letting them squeeze you out of the elevator. Nothing major like sky diving or entering the Octagon, that might come later. 

Then do it. 

 Write down in your cell how that worked for you. Easy wasn’t it.

 Do it again tomorrow.

For now we want 365 “Small Wins” associated with, and making real, the words,

“I am the man in the arena.”


Your fears will be mostly eliminated. You will feel and be stronger. The Slobs in the Mob will take notice of you, The man in the arena.