In the logo above you are the figure, Musha Shugyo is what you are doing, and excellence is your destination.

So congratulation on beginning your quest for the Mind of the Martial Artist. Such a pilgrimage was called Musha Shugyo when in feudal Japan a samurai would cast off all protection of family or name and follow the path of adversity and risk so as to form his character and develop his skills.

There are many today who give up a life of luxury and wealth to enter the most rigorous of training to see what they might become.

One such, a very, very, wealthy young man hid his wealth and identity and becames a SEAL. I love that.  Even better, he is called home for a family emergency. Two of his friends drive him to catch a plane, and his name is on the tail. He swears them to secrecy.


Such are seeking  The Mind of the Martial Artist. They are your comrades in arms and it would do you well to know of them. And they in turn seek the same books and movies that you do. While there is much talk of weapons and tactics, there is always in the background shelves of books.

We will mention all of these as we progress, and if you have some favorites let me know so that I can enjoy them, and pass them on.

The beauty and joy of musha shugyo is that it is a life long quest. Thus you will always know what you are, and about.

We will start with a explanation of our training system, and this will leave you with a mnemonic that will build you core.

We will have micro training exercises that take only a few seconds. But they will become a part of you, and transform you.

Again, thank you for your trust, and do not hesitate to give criticism or suggestion.







Those with the mind of The Mind of the Martial Artist will run across the tops of the walls.