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The System

Now let me explain it to you..

First I want you to completely comprehend that this is not a “Self-Help” book, or anything similar. People read such books and feel good for awhile, but are unchanged. This is very much like eating ice cream while reading a diet book.

Let’s work with that. So very many have dieted, but then regained the weight. Even more have not made a serious attempt beyond reading a magazine article on how a new wonder diet will make them look like the model on the cover, who works out like a sweaty dog everyday. The 1eye system is to self-help as Olympic training is to physical therapy.

Olympic athletes don’t get that way by just reading a book. Our system is not that difficult, but requires a consistent effort. Without the will and intent you are just a grazing animal. If you have ever trained for anything, practiced, rehearsed, thought about what you were working toward when alone, then you have some idea. Most likely you have been exposed to a training system.

The 1eye System has three major components that you will use, in some manner, for the rest of  your life as you constantly work toward your best version. They are Narrative, Exercise, and The Mnemonic. The chapters and blogs explain how and why you are where you are, and how to Transform. The Exercises, which we change each week make it all real. And the Mnemonic enables you to recall and actualize all the material with just twenty-five words.

Narrative is what you are used to. Pages of words in sentences, hopefully forming maps to guide you. But we don’t live in a subject- predicate universe. Words alone may persuade you, but they won’t transform you. For that we need to actually do something.

Exercises are that something. We want to repurpose some of the hundreds of thousands of hours that are mindlessly spent in routine daily activities to actually grow new circuits in  your brain. Now all of this requires something almost like a super power, and that we will provide.

The Mnemonic allows you to actually live all the material in a very short space. Now if you are still with me, you are interested, and yet how much of the last few pages have you retained? Even if you recalled it perfectly, what good can it do you? You might recall the basics of Affirmation, Visualization, Emotion, and Training, but so what? The mnemonic will make this all happen, within a very short time.

It will be clumsy at first, but so was riding a bike, swinging a gold club or tennis racket. With practice you will feel and increase its power. I will need more space to introduce the mnemonic, so before I start let me summarize the 1eye System .


There is the written material, many pages that follow, and weekly pages of a single thought that you get in your email. That is the Narrative. Then the Exercises, which change each week, and make the material “real.”, and then your new super power that you are building, the Mnemonic.

and now the mnemonic

Read this material more than once, and them memorize the mnemonic. It gains clarity and depth with use.

The Mnemonic