The movie The Matrix is highly relevant to our theme, but the following quote wraps it up so very well.

Morpheus: “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.


When you think, you use the common language, and the current thoughts that are bubbling in the chaos about us. They are what form your prison. I use the Pen as a metaphor for the mental training to break free.

If a quote from a movie is too far out here is a great one from  John Maynard Keynes:

“Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back. I am sure that the power of vested interests is vastly exaggerated compared with the gradual encroachment of ideas…. But, soon or late, it is ideas, not vested interests, which are dangerous for good or evil.”

The Pen, for an enhanced thought system; that will free you from the dystopian schemata you were raised in.

Consider that your present thought system did not produce the world about you. That was done by an advanced system, that is used by less than one percent of the population. That means that while there are many articles and books written on how to improve your thinking, that none of them are going to work.

They might organize your work in a superior fashion, and train you to better habits, but they can’t improve your thinking for a fundamental reason.

Thinking, specifically reasoning with no intuition, uses language. To improve your reasoning, you must first improve your thinking language.

Later we will use Intuition and science for a complete system. This page is to make you aware that you can have a far superior system, and that the one you have extrudes whatever you might have been into a dystopia metaphorically much like The Matrix, which is why we allude to it in our logo.

This is like an upgrade to your mental operating. You can’t use advanced software without upgrading your operating system. In this case we are going to work at upgrading the language you think with.

The results will be incredible. You will penetrate and organize the chaos about you, and be capable of critical thinking on steroids. It will be as if you were surrounded by a primitive culture, which for the most part you are.

We are not speaking about learning a language other than your mother tongue. It’s just that the structure of your mother tongue hasn’t changed much since the Dark Ages, and so if you wonder why those around you act like Dark Age refugees, its because that’s the language they still think with.

A little story I made up to illustrate what a language change can do.


Imagine a man some 3500 years ago. Walking behind an ox, he is illiterate, has never worn shoes, and like all about him, lives in a world lit only by flame. Now imagine his descendant some 3000 years later. Walking behind an ox, he is illiterate, has never worn shoes, and like all about him, lives in a world lit only by flame. Now imagine his descendant some 300 years later. Walking on the moon, wearing a space suit.


What happened was that there was a major thought system upgrade in the 17th Century called the Enlightenment, which was the child of the scientific revolution. Even this basic upgrade has failed to take place amongst the vast majority who are still using DarkAge 1.0.

The point is that worldview, and thought systems control your life, as it is now, the Dark Age system is largely in place. This really doesn’t sound that coherent at first, but imagine the people burning witches and conducting inquisitions. Do you seriously imagine that they instantly took to the Enlightenment like it was the latest iPhone. They kept right on doing what they always did. Inquisitions were often handled by the university, and science was not conducted in the university for some time. It grew in separate societies, and I know you have seen them in movies about the 18th and 19th centuries.

Bottom line, you are the prisoner of an inferior worldview. It leads to dystopia such as Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and various Marxist hells such as Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.

I refer to this dystopian thought system, metaphorically, as The Matrix, which is why it is in our logo and why I began this section with a Matrix quote.

Now for a summary. Science, business, and other productive systems have a different language and thought system that runs parallel to the one that is 4000 years old. The Pen suggest an examination of superior thought systems, organizing the commonalities, and incorporatig them into yourself to give you a superior intellectual vantage point..