7 Questions

These are the seven questions that everyone asks themselves, even if they are not verbalized, and the answers write the movie that you run through your head that controls your life.

Asking yourself a question doesn’t mean you type this and then write an answer. They are the constant nagging, like, “A splinter in your mind.” To take a line from The Matrix.

 I told my children a story about a caterpillar dropped in with worms who were just beginning to write their Mission Statements. {They had MBAs.}The worms quickly wrote out plans to covert dirt into shit, that’s what worms do.

But the caterpillar couldn’t get into it.  How could he comprehend a butterfly? So he began to ask himself questions.

What am I doing here? You may have asked yourself if you feel you don’t fit. And of course there is,

What should I do, and why? And while making progress on those questions you look in the mirror and ask,

Who am I? Working on those three questions is not so bad. Everyone, not among the Living Dead, can understand them, but now we go beyond what is commonly understood.

We are about to leave the common culture of the unimaginative and uncreative and work on your superpower. It is there now, and often times it has solved problems for you, and other times it may have saved your life. You put it down to “luck,” or a “hunch.” No. The question is…How do I access my “super power” at will?

And at this point you are very close to maximum performance, and more. There is a state of mind that is trainable, that consistently makes some champions when the difference is measured in the fraction of a second. How do I do that?

And why?  What is the meaning of life. The answer to that is within you. It is your birthright, but you have been castrated of it by linguistic nonsense. You need to reclaim it.

And now number seven wherein we must deal with your culture and worldview.  They say your intelligence is fixed at birth but you could be an Einstein, and you would be limited if born into a tribe of cannibals. If you are a fish, how do you comprehend the water you live in? And what can you do about it?

Consider the seven questions for awhile, and you might begin to see that everything you might ever have read or thought on character, change, self-improvement, martial arts, philosophy and psychology might well fall under one of the seven questions.

The seven answers are not just words. They are actions, experiences, things that you do. That is why this is called a system. If you are out of shape you might read on diet and exercise, but the reading won’t condition you. That takes action. Every time.

You might read a dozen books on getting in shape, but their suggestions will overlap, and they will suggest actions or modifications in your present behaviors.

And we must do the same to answer the 7 questions, but before we do that I need to clarify a bit more.

You are going to like this.  We are going to use a fantastic movie to demonstrate each of the 7 Questions, and how one desperate man answered them.





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