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Gratitude is the foundation of emotional strength, so we want to reinforce it with our daily life. And this is not a difficult task. Actually it will become fun, and is a nice way to incorporate the positions: 1eye, Seeking Beauty, and Grateful, all into a group of activities. It’s as if eating ice cream would make you slender.

This first exercise is perhaps the most difficult. Certainly I am still learning from it, and it may be difficult to grasp the link between this and “gratitude.” Just do it. Send flowers or a book to someone you care about, but do so anonymously. No return address, No gift card. They must never know who sent the gift. This means you are not rolling up points or IOU’s. The gift is a pure token of gratitude.

The second exercise has to do with your Journal and your iPhone. As you journal comment on one thing of beauty you saw that day. Review the feeling, and be grateful for that slice of life. 

The 3rd exercise is complex. I want you to regard your life as it now is, and contemplate how it would be, if for the rest of your life you never had anything more than what you now have. How would that be? Can you see a type of calm beauty from such a life. See the movie Ground Hog Day again.