The 1eye System


You will change the way you live your life,  see yourself differently, and become different.  

You will look and act poised, balanced, and confident. Your level of anxiety will continually decrease as you practice the system, and you will lose much of your fears. 

You will be heroic as you practice, and you will not know defeat. 

To do this your objective is to have a deep habit of self-transformation that is as much a part of you as your heart beat. 

To accomplish this you need a system that takes into consideration the fact that you will do nothing unless you want to, feel the need strongly, and can see the change in your emotion    

You know that the reason so many are fat, drunk, and smoke, is not for lack of information, but rather for a lack of affirmation, visualization, and a driving emotion. 

Let’s begin. 

Our system will center around a mnemonic that recalls the 7 Answers in such a manner that they drive you to transformation. Stop now and recall how all the protagonists you have enjoyed have had some trauma that motivates them. Luke’s aunt and uncle are killed by the Empire. Maximus’s wife and child murdered, and so it goes. 

And now consider an ordinary man Dick Morrison. 

He is a fictional typical man, with a shitty home space, who appears in Stephen King’s short story, “Quitter’s Inc.” He wants to quit smoking, and by chance encounters an old friend who tells him about Quitters, and that they helped him quit smoking and more. 

Dick eventually goes to Quitter’s and is told that they have a 98% success rate. He signs up and finds out how they work.  They know everything about him, his family, and friends. If they catch him smoking, and if he smokes they will, he and his family will suffer torture, and if he is caught a tenth time, they will kill him. He doesn’t really believe they would harm his wife or son, or even himself 

So when he can stand it no longer he sneaks off for a cigarette. When he is caught smoking he has to watch as his wife Lucinda receives a half hour of electric shocks. Dick quits smoking, but gains weight. Now he is told to lose weight, or they will cut off one of his wife’s fingers. Now he really believes them. He loses the weight, and much later runs into the old friend who recommended Quitters. The friend has his wife with him, and she is missing a finger. 

Stephen King tells it better, and you can read the original in his book, Night Shift.

 But the point is that you can do it. You can do the impossible, if you can summon the emotion. 

And with out system we will do that and more. We can do it better than Quitter’s Inc, and without cutting off your wife’s fingers.  We are going to repurpose your movie watching time. 

And as you watch the images roll across the screen you feel many deep emotions. Sometimes more powerfully than you experience in your day to day life where there are many things going on at the same time, most of which you are used to. 

Also there is rarely background music appropriate to an upcoming crisis. Things happen, events go by, and mostly you don’t pay attention and don’t remember. Not a lot of emotion except for perhaps some road rage. 

But in the darkened theatre it is different. 

You are no longer a “Dick Morrison,” look-a-like. You become Luke Skywalker, or Rocky, or whomever, and over the course of two emotion charged hours you cross the 7positions and triumph. 

 Adrian runs into your arms, trumpets play and Princess Leia hangs the medal around your neck, and you are a hero. Even for a time after, as you drive home, there is some affect still with you.

That is what you recall as you process the mnemonic.  The emotion that flows from an image of a hero crossing a position. This is powerful, and unique. Let’s see how this might play out. 

You wake up, take a few breaths, and begin the mnemonic, “I AM THE MAN IN THE ARENA: .” 

For one second you feel yourself, strong, confident, balanced and ready. Now you are standing before the gate to the arena and you feel the warm sand beneath your sandals and the weight of the sword in your hand.



The next second: “THE MARTIAL ARTIST” and you remember Rocky running through the streets, sprinting up the stairs, and feeling empowered at the top.



“RONIN: ” know that now you are the hero of the adventure that is your life, and identify with the lone gunfighter riding into town. Or the samurai walking on his Musha Shugyo.




“1eye:” Captain Algren learning, “No mind!” Luke hearing Obiwan saying, “Use the Force Luke, Use the Force!”




“The LAUGHING PIRATE: ” Feel the total commitment as she pushes off and hurls herself through the gates. And smile as you do so.




SEEKING BEAUTY: ” Feel Katsumoto’s enlightenment as he realizes, “They are all perfect.”












“IN A STRANGE WORLD:” Imagine that you are a member of the Cargo Cult, now in an airport and looking at a plane.