All value judgments and/or statements, are facts about the observer, and not the observed. So many dialogues are begun, or rest on, assumed value judgments. These statements are nothing more than projections by the speaker of his emotions beyond himself.

Awareness of self-projection. It’s not just the projections of others the Traveler must be aware of. It is our own as well. Whatever our prejudices, choices, loves, they are facts about ourselves. As you become aware of this in your own dialogues, both internal and external, you will learn an invaluable technique. Practice saying or thinking, “to me,” after you make a value statement.

“That is a beautiful woman,” To me.

Learn to comprehend that there is no objective universe. While there is a single source of that which impinges on our sensorium, once that impingement takes place, the rest is all interpretation. This means that your statements are a fact about you, not the universe.